We offer our services either by working closely with you or also independently if you wish to delegate your business tasks to us. Furthermore, our experts can assist your team in creating efficient and reliable software solutions. In order to reach these goals our innovative and performant software products can be a great help. Our core competencies include, but are not limited to,  software engineering, strategy consulting, training, rescue of IT projects,  and the algorithmical optimization of IT systems.

Software Engineering, Methodology & Training

Due to our wide-ranging experience in information technology and computer science we can ensure an objective assessment of your business tasks and deliver innovative and efficient solutions.

A central aspect of our work is the design of clean software architectures using code generation for various automation purposes in order to increase development performance as well as cost efficiency.

Additionally, we can take care of project management and can advise you during the selection and implementation of the appropriate process model or methodology as we are always familiar with the state-of-the-art.

Furthermore, we offer training sessions, seminars and workshops. Let this knowledge transfer be one of the building blocks of your success!

Rescue of IT Projects

We rescue your project!
If your project seems to be failing and you do not know what else to do,  
it's time to call us!

We examine and evaluate the internal status of your software. Based on the examination results you get an honest and objective assessment of the seriousness of your situation. Along with that, we deliver a realistic offer how the project can still succeed.

These measures include the gradual correction of your architecture, the elimination of already existing errors and weaknesses, hardening the software with consistency checks, automatic generation of extensive tests, adaption of your development strategy, and training your employees, to name only a few possible steps.

Algorithmical Optimization

We are experts for algorithm development!

If you are not satisfied with some aspects of your software, we are always able to produce a more efficient and more reliable solution. 

As further benefit, all of our software products check most of their functionality already at compile-time, ensure maximum fault-tolerance and even have self-configuration capabilities.

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